Stephen Reid is the primary developer and designer of TI-Graph Link and TI Connect for the Macintosh, and has been employed as a software designer at Texas Instruments for 24+ years.

In that time, Steve has developed embedded software on many products, including the TI-74 BASICALC programmable calculator, the TI-95 Procalc, the TI Ready Reference Spell Checker, the CBL(tm), the CBR(tm) and CBR(tm) 2, and the TI-Graph Link USB interface.

Macintosh software development efforts include the Mac-81 emulator, and the TI-Graph Link and TI Connect (tm) software. Currently, he is responsible for the TI Connect for OS X application suite, as well as embedded work on new product development.

In addition to his work-related duties, Steve also does small website development, and custom software development, and enjoys high performance jet boats, and playing 8-, and 9-Ball in the Dallas APA League.

Steve has a B.S. in Computer Science (1983) from Washington State University.

Steve can be reached at and has a personal website at