* Educational background

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
B.A. Fine Art
Rice University, 1994

* Areas of Mac Expertise

System 5,6 (ahhh, memories) - OS X
First level Claris & Apple software support
First level & developer support, FileMaker Pro, versions 1.x - 4.x
Adobe documentation products
Applescript & FileMaker Pro Script
Various small scale web-enabled apps or web servers
All-around Mac weasel

* Other areas of experience

UNIX sys-admin including maintenance-oriented shell scripting, troubleshooting, large-scale, Unix based version control software systems. Certified MS OS desktop tech (no wait, don't print that), various CAD/CAE/CAM software packages.

* Current interests
(subject to vast mood swings of grandiosity)

Juan's turn-ons include most all things Mac, brisk walks in the park with his lovely wife Gretchen, Lucite in all it's forms, F1, WRC, & FIM Racing, not to mention sunshine, lollipops & rainbows everywhere.

Turn-offs include evil empires of all sorts.