A transplanted Kentuckian, replanted several times over...Michael comes to the DFW area from Hollywood [the land of sun, sand and broken dreams].

A Jack-of-many-trades, he has spent the last 12 working creatively for entertainment and communication-based companies [and individuals] producing just about everything from websites, music videos and feature films to developing children's entertainment (online, tv and books); to supporting IT directors with quality VAC [value-added component] Support for their Help Desks & high-end Creatives.

Both Developer and (by the seat of his pants) Engineer, Michael has compiled an impressive list of current and former clients who appreciate his drive and desire for quality and perfection in everything he is associated with. His client list includes or has included:

The Walt Disney Company
ABC Cable Networks Group
Paramount Pictures
Warner Bros.

...and many other happy companies and individuals.

Single father of two girls [16 & 12]; likes intelligent women and quiet afternoons with a good book. Prefers tea over coffee; eclectic over classic rock; Wicked over Oz; quiet times over crowds; Dresden over Buffy (but both rock-solid!); Baseball to bowling; and, of course - Macs over PCs.

Oh and Michael has a website and Blog